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CoWatch Quick Start Guide

  • Place CoWatch on charging cradle to charge. Align CoWatch protrusion side with the notch on the cradle and make sure watch stays tight on the cradle with no movement. This will allow perfect alignment between the pins on the cradle and the metal pads on the watch. You may be able to skip this step if the battery power is more than 50%.
  • Power on CoWatch by pushing the button on the right of watch case for at least 3 seconds.
  • Select language after the system boots up.
  • Download the CoWatch Companion application in the Google Play Store if you are using an Android smartphone or Apple App Store if you are using iPhone. Note that the CoWatch Companion is only available for Android 5.0+ and iOS 9.0+.
  • You can find the app links below.
  • Follow instructions in the CoWatch Companion application to pair the CoWatch with your companion phone.
  • Once setup is complete on the companion phone, connect the CoWatch directly to your WiFi network. Your watch will automatically take you to the WiFi settings screen. Choose your network from the list or click “Add network” to add your network by name. Enter your WiFi credentials via the keyboard which will open up on the companion phone. You can also use the keyboard on the watch to input the password by swiping from right edge to left to bring the on-watch keyboard.
  • If you are unable to access a WiFi hotspot at the time of setup, the CoWatch can be tethered to your phone via Bluetooth tethering.  To set up Bluetooth tethering, follow the tethering instructions on your watch and companion phone after unsuccessfully checking for an update.  Note that using Bluetooth tethering may use your mobile data plan.
  • Download and install a mandatory system update (including apps and watch faces) over WiFi or via Bluetooth tethering with your companion phone.
  • To install system update on the watch, please go to system menu (swipe from bottom to top on the display) -> settings (icon in the middle) -> System Update -> Click “Yes” if there is a new version of the software.

  • Once the mandatory system update is downloaded, reboot the CoWatch to install the update.
  • Congratulations! CoWatch is ready for use!

Introduction of Watch Faces

The CoWatch (powered by Cronologics) focuses on the watch face as the primary source of interaction. All of your services are embedded into and on top of the watch face. (note: the Alexa icon is the trademark of Amazon).

Swipe left and right to change modes and show new containers (apps). Containers are apps and services that embedded directly into the watch face.  Tap on any Container to open its full screen view.  To exit the full screen view, swipe left to right to return to the watch face:


Swipe left and right to change modes and show new container:


Swipe up from the bottom edge to reveal settings.


Swipe down from the top edge to display the current notifications from your watch or your Companion phone:


Press the physical button once to toggle the CoWatch between active and passive mode. To awake from passive mode, you can double tap on the screen.


Long press on the physical button for ~2 second to enable Alexa.

Double tap on the physical button to open system settings.

For more information, please watch the ../../support/demo.css videos found under “Support.”

You can also contact us at [email protected]

Set Up Bluetooth Tethering

If your watch is not connected to Wi-Fi, you can still connect to the internet by enabling Bluetooth tethering between your watch and your phone.
The watch will automatically notify you if Wi-Fi is not available. Click “Tether”

This will take open up a step-by-step tutorial on your phone.

Please note that the Bluetooth Tethering feature is in a beta stage and may not work with every smartphone model. It requires the support from phone, carrier and your data plan. We would love to hear your feedback about it.

Speed Dial Container beta:

  • Call your favorite people directly from the watch and keep your phone in your pocket.
  • On Android, your watch will automatically synchronize with your starred or favorite contacts so that you will be able to place a call to any one of them by tapping their contact photo. This may take a few minutes the first time. You can “Star” your contacts in your phone’s standard Contacts List app. (Note: Some phones require you to “Add to Favorites” instead of “Starring”)
  • On iPhone, you will need to manually choose favorite contacts by going to the settings screen on your CoWatch Companion application. Note: You must have set up Bluetooth Internet Tethering (Hotspot) on your iPhone before using this feature.
  • As long as you are connected to your phone, you will be able to perform the call from your watch, acting as a handset. You may also take the call on your phone or on a another hands-free device by changing the “Audio Source” on your phone.
  • If you’d like to add the speed dial Container to your watchface for quick access, you can add it in place of any current Container by long-pressing the Container you want to replace and selecting the speed dial Container (phone icon) from the list.

Known issues:
*Please note that that may take several minutes for your contacts to sync to your watch
*At this time it is not possible to delete contacts from the watch


Our IFTTT integration, which is currently in preview mode, allows you to personally configure watch Containers to select to perform a virtually endless number of custom actions: Turn your lights on or off at the tap of a finger, post a message on almost every social network, or ask your phone to ring with a quick finger swipe to help you realize that, as always, it is between the sofa cushions.

    You can define up set up as many as five IFTTT button Containers in by adding them according to the steps detailed under “How do I customize Containers”.
    To learn more about IFTTT and how to create Recipes, visit
    Please follow the instructions detailed below to set up your IFTTT Containers:
  • Locate/add an IFTTT Container in your watchface.
  • Tap on the IFTTT Container. You will be asked to pick which corresponding Trigger (essentially a button press event) to associate with that Container.
  • On your phone, create a Cronologics username and password
  • Go to and sign in.
  • Activate the Cronologics IFTTT Channel ( by authorizing IFTTT to receive events from your CoWatch using your Cronologics username and password.
  • Create your Recipes. Some of our favorites are available at

If you have any questions about IFTTT, please visit

Tips & Tricks

  • Double tap the screen to wake up the display from “Always-on” low power display mode to normal watch face mode with apps.
  • One short press on hard button to switch between “Always-on” low power display mode and normal watch face mode with apps.
  • Double short press on hard button to bring up system setting menu.
  • Long press ~2 seconds on hard button to access and talk to Alexa.
  • Long press up to 8 seconds on hard button to reboot CoWatch.
  • Touch and hold on CoWatch logo on the watch face to go into watch face selection screen, swipe left or right to view different watch face, click any one you like to enable that watch face.
  • Touch and hold on container on the watch face to go into apps selection screen, swipe left or right to view different apps, click any one you like to enable that app on the container.