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[EngadgetThe CoWatch brings Amazon’s Alexa to your wrist starting today
I’ve already used it to order multiple pairs of socks.

Amazon hasn’t dared to make a smartwatch of its own yet, but it might not have to when companies like iMCO have shoehorned Alexa into a wearable themselves. See, iMCO and the ex-Googlers working on the Cronologics OS have successfully turned what could’ve been another bit of crowdfunded vaporware into an actual product — the CoWatch — complete with blessings from Amazon. At last, you’ll be able to order multiple pairs of shoes straight from your wrist. Isn’t the future grand?

Using Alexa on your wrist is about as straightforward as you’d expect — you invoke her by holding down the crown button or tapping an Alexa complication on the screen. From there, the usual hijinks apply: The watch was able to tell me how old Jeff Bezos is and the distance from the Earth to the moon, and it helped me order some socks too. The process felt far from instantaneous, though. In general, it took a while for the watch to interpret my question, pass it along to the Alexa web service and give me the appropriate response.

[WearableAlexa powered CoWatch smartwatch is now available to buy
Big hitting smartwatch up for grabs on Amazon.

CoWatch, the Amazon Alexa boasting smartwatch, is available to buy after successfully completing its Indiegogo campaign earlier this year. You can now pick up the silver model for $279 with the black model priced in at $299. To put that in perspective, the Huawei Watch costs $349.
The CoWatch is built by IMCO and runs Cronologics OS, a fully fledged Android-based smartwatch operating system. Cronologics is a start-up featuring former Android and Android Wear developers, including Leor Stern, who spent 10 years at Google and more recently IFTTT.

It’s all highly impressive, but it’s perhaps the presence of Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant that really impresses most. We were treated to a demonstration of Alexa in action prior to its crowdfunding campaign, which boasts Siri-like functionality from the wrist, including scheduling reminders, calling or messaging contacts, retrieving web queries and of course, adding stuff to your Amazon shopping list.

CoWatch raised almost $300,000 back in June on Indiegogo offering early backers the offer to bag one for just $159. So it’s a quick turnaround to give everyone the opportunity to buy one.

[The VergeCoWatch, the Alexa-enabled smartwatch, is now available

Earlier this year we got our hands on an early version of the CoWatch, an Android-powered smartwatch that incorporated Amazon’s Alexa as your personal assistant. iMCO, the company behind the CoWatch had planned to ship the device in June after its Indiegogo campaign ended, but after a delay the device is now officially available on Amazon (of course) for $279.

It remains to be seen what kind of traction CoWatch can gain with both users and developers, but it’s the first notable fresh take on the smartwatch to hit shelves in a while, which makes it intriguing at least.

[AmazonThe CoWatch Smartwatch: First to Bring the Power of Alexa to Your Wrist

Danny Dong, co-founder and CEO of iMCO, wondered what life would be like if we didn’t have to rely on screens to get the information we want and need. After witnessing countless people checking their phones while on the go, he began to redefine how people carry technology with them every day.
He set out to create the CoWatch, the world’s first Amazon Alexa-integrated smartwatch, to help break the habit of constantly checking a screen for updates. Now, users can ask for the latest weather reports, check the time, and set reminders with their voice and Alexa.

The Cronologics platform makes it easy to scroll through messages with a few taps, no phone required. And with Alexa, customers can ask for the latest scores and weather reports, or set reminders and alarms. Now, almost anything you can do with Alexa on an Echo, you can do with CoWatch.

That makes the CoWatch a “first” in several ways: The first truly smartwatch by wearable-tech producer iMCO, the first smartwatch to run the new Cronologics platform and the first Alexa-enabled smartwatch from any manufacturer.

What started as a mission to break people’s habit of constantly checking their phones has evolved into a brand-new type of wearable. The CoWatch puts full control on the user’s wrist, whether it’s asking Alexa for the time or glancing at a beautifully designed interface. The choice is in the consumer’s hand—and on their wrist.

[Digital Trend] Wearing Alexa on our wrists with the metal and ceramic CoWatch

Smartwatches may not be the most useful tools, but most today offer a way to connect to digital assistants like Google Now or Siri. You can add Amazon’s Alexa to that list.
The CoWatch is a smartwatch designed by Chinese company iMCO Technology, and it runs Cronologoics OS…
The watch, which exceeded its funding goal by 281 percent on Indiegogo in April, and will soon be available on Amazon, more or less offers the same features as most smartwatches today. It tracks your fitness activity, including your heart rate, and it lets you customize your watch face. Where it stands out is its integration of Amazon’s cloud-based voice assistant, Alexa. If you can get pass talking to your wrist, you can quickly and easily ask Alexa questions, get a traffic report, call an Uber, and control your connected home.

[ComputerWorld] Wearing Alexa on our wrists with the metal and ceramic CoWatch
Review: The CoWatch — a smartwatch with the voice of Alexa
With solid hardware design, an Android-based OS and with Amazon’s Alexa voice control, the CoWatch has potential.

One that made a bit of a splash on crowdfunding site Indiegogo has just made its appearance in the market: the CoWatch, with hardware from a tech startup called iMCO, software from a company called Chronologics, and the ability to access Amazon’s Alexa voice controller.
I had a chance to try out the CoWatch and found it to be a highly interesting project — one that feels not quite complete but that may have a good deal of potential. One admission before I start: While I’ve handled other smartwatches, this is the first that I’ve had a chance to spend extensive time with.
The CoWatch is attractive in a simple way that I found appealing. It has a circular stainless steel body; between that and the accompanying metal band, the effect is, while not elegant, smart enough to be suitable for both casual and business occasions. The watch comes in silver or black; leather bands are also available for an additional charge.
I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable the watch was to wear. I’ve got fairly narrow wrists, and so (like a number of other people) I’m put off by the size and weight of most smartwatches. As a result, when I first saw the CoWatch, which has a diameter of 1.72 in. and a depth of 0.48 in., I was convinced that I was going to be wearing it with great reluctance. However, after an hour or two, I found that its weight of 1.9 oz. was not at all onerous, and that I was, in fact, perfectly at ease having it on my wrist for the entire day.
…One of the nice things about the CoWatch is its “always on” face, which means that you can tell the time without having to tap the watch or handle its hardware
…Currently, there are a number of apps, including ones that let you pause and restart the music on your Android or iOS phone, check the weather, use the watch as a flashlight and get notifications. There are the usual fitness apps that track your steps, check your heart rate and time your run. You can also configure the Containers using the popular app IFTTT (If This Then That), which allows you to customize a wide range of actions.

[Tech Times] CoWatch, The World’s First Alexa-Enabled Smartwatch, Up For Sale For $299 On Amazon: Stay Connected In Style

iMCO’s CoWatch, Alexa-powered smartwatch, is now available at Amazon. The CoWatch allows the user to interact with Amazon’s cloud-based voice service, Alexa. A simple tap will activate the voice assistant and it can be told to do anything from ordering pizza to controlling smart home devices. It’s practically an Amazon Echo on the wrist.

[SlashGear] CoWatch “Alexa Smartwatch” is now up for purchase

We already have Siri, Google Now (soon to be Assitant probably), and even Cortana available on our wrists, but one virtual assistant remains unaccounted for. At least until today. No Amazon hasn’t made a smartwatch (thankfully) but you can have the next best thing. CoWatch, the smartwatch that breezed through Indiegogo with its promise of putting Amazon’s Alexa on your wrist, has fully come out of the woodwork and can now be purchased by anyone…
The idea of an Alexa Smartwatch is unusual and intriguing. A year or so ago, it might have even sounded absurd. Born inside the cylindrical body of the Amazon Echo, Alexa started out slow, before picking up the slack and spreading its wings not just to thrid-party services but also to thrid-party devices. The CoWatch boasts of the title of being the first smartwatch to have Alexa inside.
What that means, in practics, is having access to the same voice control integration with services, smart home appliances, and shopping that Alexa offers elsewhere. Alexa is the voice that powers the CoWatch’s new Cronologics OS, which is compatible with both iOS and Android. The number of things the CoWatch can connect ot and control is expanded exponentially with its integration with the IFTTT service.

[Pocket-Lint] CoWatch smartwatch is the Amazon Echo for your wrist

We’re only just about to get Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot in the UK for the first time, with the Echo coming on 28 September and the smaller Dot arriving a month later, but US customers have had access to Alexa-enabled devices for more than a year.
That’s why there are already plenty of third-party hardware that can also use Amazon’s voice assistant to tell the weather, browse for information and generally be a robotic chum.
The latest is the CoWatch, a smartwatch entirely designed around the Alexa experience. It is now available in the States through from $279 (£215) and is compatible with iOS and Android.

It will also be IFFFT compatible through an upcoming over-the-air update, so will be able to interact with smarthome devices.
But it’s the Alexa integration that should impress most. Alexa is able to understand millions of words and phrases, spoken in general English, in order to check for information across a vast number of subjects: sports scores, traffic status, you can even order a pizza through it.

[Phone Arena] CoWatch - the smartwatch ith Amazon’s Alexa built inot it - launches today for $279

Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant is easily one of the most unique and interesting options out there in the ever-increasing world of virtual assistants. The AI made its first appearance with the Amazon Echo, and was then later made available on the Amazon Dot and Tap. The Tap was the first device that allowed you to take Alexa out of the house, but it came in the form of a bulky Bluetooth speaker. While the added portability is certainly nice, it isn’t something you can carry around with you and whip out each time you want to ask Alexa a question. We’ve been longing for a device that would make this possible, and today, that dream is now a reality.

[Android Authority] The Alexa-enabled CoWatch hits the market today

If you’ve ever played around with Amazon’s Echo, then you’ll know that Alexa makes for a pretty savvy personal assistant. However, there’s only one problem: your Echo is stuck at your house. Well, now you can have Alexa on the go with CoWatch.
CoWatch isn’t made by Amazon, a company which has a justified timidity when it comes to producing hardware. Rather, this is an offering from a company called iMCO, but Amazon has given them the go ahead to use the personal assistant on their smartwatch.

[AH] Alexa-powered CoWatch Smartwatch Now Available from Amazon

Ever since Android Wear hit the smartwatch scene, it appeared as though there was little room for someone else to muscle in and offer something of similar quality. Pebble is arguably one firm that breaks this trend of course, and there will no doubt be more brands to follow. Right now however, the list of options that aren’t sanctioned by Google, but have the same sort of design and high-quality internals is pretty short. The CoWatch wants to change all of that, and they’re using Amazon’s own answer to Google Now and Siri, Alexa, to get it done.

[The New York Times] Amazon Has Big Plans for Alexa: Running the ‘Star Trek’ Home

SEATTLE — Amazon surprised a lot of people when its Echo, a $180 so-called smart speaker, became a hit, giving them a novel way to play music, turn on the lights in their homes and set thermostats with voice commands.
Amazon, though, has much bigger plans for the technology behind Echo. It wants the Alexa Voice Service, which powers Echo, to be an ingredient in devices around the home and beyond, even if they aren’t made by Amazon.

So far, a handful of smaller companies have released or promised to release products with Alexa built into them. There’s Triby, a portable speaker; CoWatch, a smartwatch; and Pebble Core, a wireless wearable device by the maker of the Pebble smartwatch.

[The Verge] This smartwatch puts Alexa on your wrist

Earlier this week a Chinese company called iMCO launched a crowdfunding campaign for CoWatch, a new stainless steel, round-faced smartwatch. But the watch’s most interesting features have nothing to do with hardware: it’s the CoWatch’s software and integration with Alexa that hold the most promise.
Yes, that Alexa. The big idea with CoWatch is that you can use Amazon’s Alexa as a personal assistant on your smartwatch. The concept isn’t new, of course — you can “Hey Siri” and “Okay Google” all day long on Apple Watch and Android Wear — but it’s the first instance of Alexa that we’ve seen on the wrist.
…The first instance of Alexa on a smartwatch…Cronologics, made by former Googlers, appears to be an intuitive smartwatch OS
…But CoWatch, which has been in the works for a year, and Cronologic OS have shown me just enough to think they might be on to something.

[Mashable] This stylish smartwatch is the first with Alexa voice commands

There’s the Apple Watch, Android Wear smartwatches, Pebble, Samsung’s Gear S and now one with an Amazon connection: the CoWatch, a smartwatch with the e-commerce giant’s Alexa voice assistant built in.

The hardware sounds great, but it’s the Alexa voice commands that differentiate it from other smartwatches.
As I mentioned in a recent review, the Echo Dot is useful if you want a multi-room setup with Alexa voice commands. With the CoWatch, you won’t need to buy the Echo Dot. You’ll be able to just say “Alexa, play music” or “Alexaa, turn on the lights” and the single Echo in your house will respond.

[Tom’s Guide] Meet the First Smartwatch That Talks to Amazon Alexa

Alexa is moving beyond Amazon gadgets. You’ll soon be able to ask the Alexa voice assistant all sorts of questions from the CoWatch, a new smartwatch that looks to take on both Apple and Android Wear devices.

The CoWatch runs the Android-based Cronologics OS. The watch should work equally well when paired with both Android and iOS smartphones. The one difference is that, if paired with an Android device, users will be able to take actions on notifications.
The most intriguing aspect of the CoWatch is its Alexa integration. Simply talk into the watch — it has a microphone and a speaker — and Alexa will respond. The response was just as fast as when using the Amazon Echo.

The case is made of stainless steel, but a ceramic ring helps its antennas (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) better reach the outside world. The transition from steel to ceramic wasn’t too jarring, either. The CoWatch will come in either black or silver; both were attractive, especially with the braided metal wristband that’s reminiscent of the Apple Watch’s Milano loop.

[PC World] New crowdfunding campaign wants to bring Amazon’s Alexa to smartwatches

Amazon hasn’t announced any plans to make its own smartwatch, but a new Indiegogo campaign is promising the next-best thing.
CoWatch claims to be the ”world’s first Amazon Alexa integrated smartwatch.” Much like the Amazon Echo connected speaker, CoWatch will tap into Amazon’s voice services for controlling smart home devices, ordering rides from Uber, adding things to your shopping list, and asking for traffic and weather reports, among other uses.

[Cool Hunting] CoWatch by iMCO: An affordable smartwatch that integrates Amazon’s cloud-based voice assistant Alexa

Chinese company iMCO’s new CoWatch has everything a smartwatch these days needs to offer: activity-tracking sensors (including heart rate), smart-home integration, compatible with iOS and Android, 1GB memory and 8GB storage, and an impressive battery life (purportedly 32 hours with normal use). Setting itself apart from the competitors, however, CoWatch will be the first to incorporate Amazon’s cloud-based voice assistant Alexa—making it the first voice-controlled shopping watch, and supporting third party integrations. You’ll be able to order an Uber, ask questions, hear the weather and more via voice alone. CoWatch will be running on newcomer Cronologics’ OS which is built on Android, but introduces a new UI that’s more simplified, usable and watch-centric. All functionality in Chronologics is accessed through the watch-face complications.

[Tech Radar] CoWatch is like a mini Amazon Echo on your wrist
A smartwatch worth talking to?

Passed on Android Wear? Not into the Apple Watch? Maybe an Amazon Alexa powered smartwatch is more your style? If so, check out the CoWatch, which has now gone on sale after being revealed earlier this year.
It essentially puts many of the functions of an Amazon Echo into a wristwatch. Made by startup company iMCO, you can use the wearable to ask Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant for information including local weather, traffic news and sports scores.
Alexa even has functionality beyond those standard smartwatch features, such as the ability to fill your Amazon basket via voice commands, control home automation products and even summon Uber rides. As the first Alexa-powered watch on the market, it’s certainly a unique selling point against its Android and Apple rivals.

[CNET] CoWatch keeps Amazon Alexa Voice Service at arm’s length

Amazon is getting its own smartwatch, sort of.
The CoWatch, an Indiegogo project currently more than $45,000 past its $80,000 funding goal, will use Amazon’s cloud-based voice service, Alexa, to do things like control smart home devices, get traffic and weather reports or play music. It’s like have the power of an Amazon Echo on your wrist.
CoWatch’s capabilities are powered by Cronologic, an operating system that will let you use the watch with an iPhone or Android smartphone. This means you’ll be able to get notifications and such, but if you want a specific app, you’ll have to wait for someone to develop it for the Cronologic platform. However, along with the Alexa services, the CoWatch can be used as an activity tracker with heart-rate monitoring.

[VB] CoWatch is the first smartwatch to use Amazon’s Alexa voice recognition

A small hardware startup called iMCO Technology displays big ambitions with the launch of its first smartwatch, called CoWatch. It’s the first device of its kind to integrate Amazon’s Alexa voice recognition — the same artificial intelligence agent that powers the Amazon Echo line of products. Although the watch, which is initially being distributed via an Indiegogo campaign, does not run Android Wear, it does contain some Google DNA, courtesy of the ex-Google employees who founded the company that built its Alexa-equipped operating system, Cronologics.

[ZDNet] Put Amazon Alexa on your wrist with the CoWatch

First there was Android Wear, followed by the Apple Watch. Soon we’ll see Amazon Alexa on a smartwatch with the CoWatch, an Indiegogo campaign in full swing.
Amazon recently determined that Alexa, the technology behind the Echo, would be good in a mobile format. Having tested the Amazon Tap, I can attest to how powerful this format can be. Mobility is also behind the CoWatch, a smartwatch integrated with Amazon Alexa.

Choosing to power the CoWatch with Amazon Alexa was a good move given the capability of that platform. This will bring not only the ability to query and command the watch by voice, it will allow it to handle smart home functionality that Amazon is fleshing out in the Alexa platform. You’ll be able to control smart home appliances right from the wrist by speaking into the CoWatch.

[AndroidCentral] CoWatch looks to bring the power of Alexa to your wrist

iMCO is currently seeking funds on Indiegogo for CoWatch, a smartwatch built on the company’s Chronological OS with Alexa integration. That’s right, the company has built Alexa into the operating system so that you can get answers to questions, hail an Uber and more with just your voice. Ex-veterans of the Android team at Google are responsible for building the Chronological OS, which has built-in activity tracking and various customization options.

[Gadget Flow] CoWatch - The Most Affordable High-End Smartwatch

With a design philosophy that marries style with accessibility, CoWatch packs next-level features, while being one of the most affordable smartwatches on the market. As the world’s first smartwatch to integrate Alexa, Amazon’s advanced voice-recognition software, CoWatch is your perfect companion into the future.

[AmazonIntroducing CoWatch: The First Smartwatch Powered by Alexa

We are very excited to introduce you to CoWatch - the world’s first ‘Alexa-enabled’ smartwatch built using the Alexa Voice Service API. Boasting a modern watch design, and a high-res touch screen, CoWatch is a companion smartwatch device with built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and is the first wearable/smartwatch built on top of the Cronologics OS platform.

Alexa is CoWatch’s primary voice assistant with a tap-to-talk  implementation. You can have voice enabled interactions through Alexa, much the same way you’ve come to expect from any other popular Alexa enabled devices like the Echo Tap, and Fire TV.

CoWatch in the international news:

CoWatch: Erste amazon Alexa Smartwatch kommt im Juni

เปิดขายแล้ว CoWatch สมาร์ทวอชที่ใช้งานได้กับ Alexa ของ Amazon

iMCO CoWatch mit Amazon Alexa ab sofort erhältlich

This Smartwatch Is Launched With a Digital Assistant: iMCO’s CoWatch Comes With Amazon’s Alexa Virtual Assistant

Pametni sat s Amazonovim Alexa asistentom uspješan na Indiegogou

iMCO CoWatch, lo smartwatch con assistente vocale Alexa è disponibile all’acquisto