Troubleshooting & FAQs


My CoWatch cannot turn on:

Place CoWatch on the charging cradle to charge and to make sure there is enough battery to power up. Hold on the hard button on the right for at least 3 seconds to power up.

CoWatch does not wake up when the screen is touched

To wake up the screen while the device is in the passive state, double tap on the watch face or press the physical button once.

Screen freeze, no response by touch or swipe

The screen goes sleep automatically if the CoWatch goes unused. Push the physical button on the right side of the CoWatch to activate the display or double tap the display to wake.

I cannot find the CoWatch Companion phone application

Search for “CoWatch” in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store or use the links available at: or  Note that only Android devices 5.0+ and iOS devices 9.0+ can access the CoWatch Companion.  Devices with a lower operating system version cannot see the CoWatch Companion in the store.

My CoWatch cannot be seen in the CoWatch Companion application during Bluetooth pairing

Restart CoWatch by holding the power button for 10 seconds, and also toggle Bluetooth on the companion phone. The device will become visible after reboot.

I cannot connect to WiFi

Move close to your WiFi access point and repeat the WiFi setup process. Select the WiFi SSID on the CoWatch and then enter the password in the CoWatch Companion application. Ensure that the CoWatch and companion phone are connected via Bluetooth.
Note: CoWatch does not support 5Ghz Wifi, only 2.4Ghz.

I cannot pair the CoWatch to the CoWatch Companion app on my phone

The CoWatch is only compatible with iOS devices version 9.0+ and Android devices 5.0+.  If you do not have a device that meets these requirements, contact support at [email protected]  Your CoWatch will not be able to pair without a companion running on a supported operating system.

To help successfully Bluetooth pair the CoWatch to your phone, try the following steps, in order, checking each time if pairing can be successful:
1. Ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on the companion phone. If the CoWatch is visible to the Companion but when selected it says “failed to connect”, press “try again” to see if the issue was intermittent.
2. Close the companion application using the Android recent button or the iOS App switcher and reenter the Companion application to restart the setup flow.
3. Turn Bluetooth off and then back on the companion phone.
4. Tap the QR code on the Bluetooth pairing screen on the CoWatch to reset Bluetooth.
5. Long press on the physical button to open settings, tap on “Bluetooth” and then turn Bluetooth off and then back on.
6. Reboot the watch and the companion phone.
7. Send an email to [email protected] with details of your phone and OS version and we will help as quickly as possible.
Note that if the pairing request is rejected (pressing red X on the CoWatch during pairing) the phone’s Bluetooth must be toggled on/off.

I need to repair my CoWatch and my companion app on my phone

1. Factory reset the CoWatch by swiping up on the watchface to enter quick settings, selecting the gear in the center, and scrolling down to Factory reset or double tapping the physical button and scrolling down to Factory reset.
2. Unpair the phone from the watch:
a) If the CoWatch and this phone previously paired, unpair CoWatch from the companion app in “Bluetooth Connection” menu under the CoWatch Companion settings
b) Remove CoWatch in companion phone Bluetooth settings:
- For iOS: select “i” icon next to CoWatch Bluetooth device “CR-xxxx”, then select “Forget This Device”.
- For Andrioid: Go to Bluetooth settings and ensure a device named “CR-xxxx” is not paired.
3. After factory reset is complete, begin the setup process on the watch and the companion phone.

After pairing my watch still shows “Continue Setup on Your Phone”

In the event that the phone or CoWatch did not properly receive the pairing event, the CoWatch will move to the next step in the pairing process in 90 seconds.  If the companion app is stuck on “Waiting for Approval”, press the home key and reenter the application.part of our commitment to continuously improve your ownership experience and increase the usefulness of your CoWatch, we will periodically release software updates to your watch with new functionality and bug fixes.  There is a mandatory bug fix release that must be installed before using your CoWatch for the first time to ensure the best experience.

Why is a system update required?  How large is it?

As part of our commitment to continuously improve your ownership experience and increase the usefulness of your CoWatch, we will periodically release software updates to your watch with new functionality and bug fixes.  There is a mandatory bug fix release that must be installed before using your CoWatch for the first time to ensure the best experience.

Notifications are not syncing from my companion phone to my CoWatch

To ensure that notifications are properly sent from the companion phone to the CoWatch:
1. Verify that the CoWatch and phone are connected by going to the My Watch screen of the CoWatch Companion
2. On Android, verify that the CoWatch companion application has notification permissions. To verify on most Android phones, go to Settings > “Sounds and Notification” > “Notification access” and ensure “CoWatch Notification Sync” is turned on.
Note that we do not support notifications on Android N at this time.  We will support Android N closer to its public release.  Also, there some notifications that are “local only” to the phone and are not synced to watch devices deliberately such as alarms on the phone.  We are investigating ways to bring these notifications to the CoWatch.

My CoWatch is getting too many Notifications

You can control which notifications show up on your watch on an app by app level (for example, turn off notifications for Gmail, but leave notifications for SMS). To do so, simply long press any notifications you see in your notifications list, and future notifications for this app will not reach your phone. Please note: You can silence app notifications from the list view, not from a full-screen view of a notification. You can also unmute or mute app notifications from the “Notifications” section in your CoWatch Android or iPhone app’s settings.

Calendar event are not syncing from my companion phone to my CoWatch

In order to ensure calendar events can sync properly to the CoWatch, ensure that your device is “Connected” via BLE in the MyWatch screen of the companion application.  Initial sync of the calendar can take 2-3 minutes depending on the number of calendar events available.

Verify that the calendar permission for the CoWatch Companion app is enabled.
On iOS, verify that “Calendar” is checked under “iOS Settings” > “CoWatch”.
On Android 6.0+, ensure that Calendar is ON under “Settings” > “Apps” > “CoWatch” > “Permissions”.
On iOS, in the CoWatch companion settings under calendar, ensure that the calendars to be synced to the CoWatch are enabled..

Incoming phone calls and other ongoing notifications are not synced to the CoWatch

CoWatch supports phone call notifications on iOS devices.  The CoWatch can answer or reject an incoming call on the iOS companion.  For Android companion devices, we are adding the ability to answer or reject incoming calls in a near term OTA update.

I cannot take a phone call from my CoWatch

The CoWatch does not currently support being a Bluetooth headset for the companion phone.  We are investigating how to consistently support the A2DP profile for the CoWatch being a Bluetooth headset across iOS and Android devices.  We are targeting to release this feature in an OTA update.

Can I start a phone call from my CoWatch

We have added speed dial feature that allows you to call your favorite people directly from the watch and keep your phone in your pocket.

My CoWatch does not support SMS message via my companion phone

Due to limitations in Android and iOS, it is currently impossible to build a standard watch based messaging client that can support standard SMS, MMS, and iMessage across iOS and Android.  We are actively exploring solutions to allow for a consistent messaging experience across all companion phones, including integrations with popular third party messaging services.  We are targeting to release this feature in an OTA update.

My iPhone is not supported by the CoWatch companion

As of iOS CoWatch companion version 1.996, the CoWatch supports any device that supports iOS 9 including iPhone 5 and 4S with iOS 9 installed. Please update to iOS 9 on your iPhone 5 / 4s.

My CoWatch cannot control music on my companion phone

The CoWatch can control certain music applications on the companion phone.  Ensure that the CoWatch is connected via the My Watch screen of the Companion Application and the music session has already begun on the companion phone
1. The CoWatch supports music control for any Android application that uses the Remote Control standard available on Android.  This includes Google Play Music, YouTube, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc.  Note that the session must be started by the user on the phone and then the CoWatch can stop, restart, skip, etc
2. For iOS, due to limitations built in to iOS, at the moment we only support iTunes / Apple Music media playback.

If you are still unable to resolve your issue, please contact the CoWatch support team at [email protected] Please make sure to include in your inquiry the following information:

• The make and model of your phone
• If it is an Android phone, what version of Android are you using? You can find your Android version in  your phone’s settings menu under “About Phone.”
• If you’re using an iPhone, what version of iOS are you using?
• What is the serial number of your watch? You can find it in your settings menu, under “About” -> “Serial number”. You can reach your settings screen by double-tapping or long-pressing the physical button on the side of the watch. button.
• What is the build number of your watch? You can find it right beneath your serial number in Settings -> “About” -> “Build”.


Q: Is the CoWatch water resistant?

Yes - it’s water/splash resistant, though it shouldn’t be submerged intentionally!

Q: Can I change the watchstraps easily?

Yes - all watch packaging will come with an easy-to-use clasp adjuster allowing you to change the straps quickly and easily. The adjustable clasp means the CoWatch can fit everyone. The band is a standardized 22mm watchband, which means you can customize your CoWatch as you see fit.

Q: Will the CoWatch be available in any other colors?

Right now, CoWatch is available in carbon black and mineral silver cases, and coloured stainless steel and leather bands allow you to customize the watch further.

Q: What is the warranty info for CoWatch?

All consumers will have a 1 year limited warranty on parts and labour. Shipping and delivery cost is to be paid by the end user.

Q: Does CoWatch support Windows Phones?

At this time, CoWatch only supports iOS and Android.

Q: Is CoWatch NFC compatible?

At this time, CoWatch is not NFC compatible.

Q: Do I need Amazon Echo in order to use Alexa on my CoWatch?

You do not need to own an Amazon Echo to use Alexa! It’s built right into the CoWatch. In order to use Alexa, you’ll need to be connected to your smartphone device

Q: I don’t live in the US – will I still be able to use Amazon Alexa?

Officially, Alexa is only available to users with a U.S. zip code. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee usability outside of the U.S.

Q: Does Amazon Alexa support languages outside of English?

CoWatch will support additional languages shortly after launch, however unfortunately - at this time, Amazon Alexa only supports English. As soon as Alexa supports other languages, CoWatch will, too!

Q: Is CoWatch available to pre-order anywhere else online?

As of now, CoWatch can only be pre-ordered via Indiegogo! But CoWatch will soon be sold in other online and B&M retailers.