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[By Milan on September 20, 2016 from Amazon  customer review]: iOS user and the CoWatch
“I ordered this watch through Indiegogo and received it about 2 months ago. Upon first arriving the software was a bit of a mess and there were several bugs plus much of the functionality wasn’t there yet. Being an indiegogo item I understood that I was basically a beta tester at the time so the issues were fine with me. The question was would the company stand by their product and fix the issues or were they simply going to disappear. I’m glad to say that even after only one week they began sending regular fixes and improvements. The watch isn’t perfect but considering how involved the company has been and how regularly they fix the issues that arise I’ve been pretty happy with the customer service and the improvements to the watch.”

“I’ve become very comfortable with this watch because I see it as a watch first and a smartwatch second.”

“It does give me all of the notifications that I want and I have the option of turning off notifications from the apps on my phone that I don’t want to see which is great and much better then the Microsoft Band that I used before. I can see my texts, emails, fantasy football updates, and the scores of the games that I’m following on yahoo sports without having to check my phone and when I clear a notification on the watch it clears on the phone as well. Convenient and easy.”

[By Helen A from USA on September 18, 2016 from Amazon  customer review]: Beautiful and Functional Smartwatch
“Day 3 into playing with my CoWatch and I’m having fun! my CoWatch has a nice, big round dial, but it’s not to big for my wrist. I love the full color display and the touch screen responsiveness is great. The music app works with my Spotify and inTune. I can reply to messages via voice which turns into text. most of the typing must be done with my phone, however, when I was trying to enter my wifi password, it allowed me to use a keyboard on the watch itself. The only reason they are getting a four star versus five star review is not really fair to CoWatch - I am hoping to see more software updates which allows for further customization of the watch (they are pushing out software updates now which address some requests by consumers). It’s a beautiful watch and I’m very glad to own one. **if you look at the pictures and notice that the screen looks like it’s peeling in the bottom left, it’s because I put the protective screen wrong! CoWatch’s great customer service team is sending me another one even though it’s my fault**”

[By Fabio D from Australia on September 15, 2016 from Amazon  customer review]: and so far I love it. The watch is much more responsive than …
“I received my watch 2 days ago, and so far I love it.
The watch is much more responsive than what I was expecting. I had a few glitches in being able to login to my Alexa account (issues related to my iPhone settings locale/region), but their support helped me to get a quick resolution.
Also, I do recommend everyone to watch the videos on how to adjust the wrist band. I’m sure that if I had continued trying to adjust the way I was doing, I would have damaged it. […]”

[By Peter Jeshua from USA on September 27, 2016 from Amazon  customer review]: Keeps Getting Better With Time
“I was an early adopter of the carbon black CoWatch from the Indiegogo campaign. The hardware is solid and the smart watch looks great on my wrist, but I’ve heard a few people with smaller wrists express a different opinion. The metal band feels near identical to the high-end material used on the similar Apple Watch version. While initially the Cronologics software was really limited, basically leaving you with a fancy watch face, it has since evolved into a more mature state, which has added numerous functionality enhancements, most notably the Amazon Alexa integration. While the Alexa integration makes for great conversation, I don’t find myself using it all that often, but that may change as more Alexa skills are added. Tilt to get notifications is probably the best feature, allowing you to read text message and email notifications with a flick of your wrist avoiding having to locate or pull your smartphone out of your pocket. I’ve also given quite a few knocks to my CoWatch (by accident) and my youngest 1 year-old son even covered the watch in mashed potatoes once during dinner, but the watch keeps going and glowing with the time! The watch faces are fun and I typically choose a different one each week or to match my outfit for the day. It would be great to see even more watch face themes available in the future. The software updates have all been free so far, which is a huge benefit; I hope it stays that way. All things said, this crowd-funded smart watch is a fun product and seems to keep improving with each software update. I’ll definitely be giving a few of these as holiday gifts this year.”

[By Mike Knudtsenon from USA on September 26, 2016 from Amazon  customer review]: Really good looking watch with a great team behind it!
“While this is the first smartwatch I have owned, I had the opportunity to play around with Android watches prior when they were in final stages of beta (I am an Android convert after years of iPhones - currently have the Nexus 6P). I will separate my product review into the hardware and the software, followed by support.
Hardware - 5 Stars
This is a one slick looking watch, and I have received a handful of compliments from my coworkers on it and really like how it feels on my wrist. I would put it up there with the high end Android wear watches on the market (for a fraction of the cost). When I received my first watch in the initial shipment at the beginning of the summer, it lasted only about 3 days. I had issues with the watch keeping a charge as well as the chargers themselves. It also seemed to overheat on my wrist so was not the most comfortable. Support was terrific throughout this period and I sent back my watch. About 3 weeks ago I received my replacement and it has been working great ever since - barely have taken it off! My only real comment is that the leather band I purchased in addition to the standard strap is a bit short - more so than on any other regular watch I have worn (on 2nd to last notch and would prefer a bit more room). Very happy with the quality of the craftsmanship overall!
Software - 4 Stars
Being that this is new OS, there are bound to be bugs. However the OTAs have been very effective in addressing areas where there were problems. Battery life has improved, and features are being added on a regular basis. The current item I seem to be having a problem with is accuracy of the step counter - pretty significant gap between Google Fit reporting on my phone and what the watch says. The best part about this is how responsive CoWatch and Chronologics are to input - they have been adding many features that are directly the result of customer feedback (new Flashlight feature came in handy this weekend when I was trying to unlock front door at night while holding a sleeping toddler). This response to feature requests is not something you will get so easily from Google or especially Apple 😉 Battery life is pretty good - get through the day with “always on display” and with it set to off, holding at around 65% after 15 hours off charger. So far tho, I have been satisfied with the performance and look forward to what future updates will bring.
Support - 6 Stars
This is the real differentiator that CoWatch has going for it. I have never had a better experience with a support team. They are responsive, trustworthy, and transparent which is not the norm. Throughout the last 3 months, they have been quick to answer all my questions, always asking for feedback, and solved any issues I have had. That is what gains customers for life, and that is why if you are considering purchasing a smartwatch, CoWactch gives you the opportunity to have an impact on the future of the device. And those beta versions of the Android watches I mentioned at the beginning - the CoWatch is leaps and bounds better than they were. Very satisfied and hope you will be too!
In closing - compared to the 2nd Gen Apple Watch and 2 and 3+ Gen Android Wear, this may not have the glitz and glamour yet from the software side, but it’s heading in the right direction. I admit that the Apple Watch is a great looking piece of hardware, along with some of the high end Android watches out there, but for the price and experience, the CoWatch can not be beat.”

[By Discerning on September 21, 2016 from Amazon  customer review]: Beautiful and Functional Smart Watch
“In short, I love it. It’s super high-spec, it looks beautiful and it’s OS has some significant advantages over Android Wear (I don’t have experience with the Apple Watch). Still a little bit buggy but the IMCO/Cronologics team is clearly dedicated to working these out and improving the software over time. I’ve had a Sony Smartwatch 3 for about a year and have really enjoyed it, but I prefer my Cowatch now. I’d like to see more apps/functionality added and further refinements to the OS (some of the container icon graphics could use improvement, especially the weather icon), but even in its current state I would definitely recommend the purchase. I’m also confused about why certain features (Alexa and speed dial) require that the watch be tethered to my iPhone via hotspot tethering, i.e. why aren’t these features available over the normal bluetooth connection. I don’t want to run my iPhone on hotspot all day and can’t imagine this being considered a sustainable approach to delivering key features of the watch since running a hotspot will burn the phone battery quickly.”

[By Rick G. from USA on September 25, 2016 from Amazon Customer review]: Great watch that does what I want it to.
“First off, I have enjoyed this watch for as long as I have had it (a total of a little over a month) and the watch will continue to get even better.
The watch looks and feels great. The adjustable wrist strap will fit practically any wrist size. The watch has a decent weight to it that makes it feel like it is a quality product. The screen is hard to see outside on a sunny day but I am not going to fault the watch too much on this because I even have problems seeing my iPhone screen or laptops when I am out in the sun. So I set the brightness to a little less then halfway so that I can save battery. Even with this brightness setting viewing it indoors is perfectly fine. I have had a few people tell me that the watch looks nice and asked me where I got it, so I am not the only one who thinks it looks nice.
I have an iPhone 6s that I have paired it to and I get all of the notifications that pop up on the phone. So this, of course, includes phone calls, text messages, calendar appointments, emails, and any other apps notifications that display on the phone. The software gets frequent updates and keeps getting better every time. The apps and watch face is usually pretty responsive. The apps on the watch are located in what they call containers. A speed dial container was recently added which allows you to scroll through a list of contacts (along with a pic of the contact, if you have them) and actually start a phone call and use the watch as a Bluetooth headset to talk and listen to a call. It makes me feel like Dick Tracy or Michael Knight talking to KITT which I think is really cool. In a future update I think they will allow you to answer a phone call with the watch, so you can just keep your phone in your pocket or purse. You will need to be in a quiet environment or put the watch next to your ear since the speaker doesn’t get really loud though.
So far customer support has been great. If you ever have any issues or questions they are always happy to help. This is actually something that I really appreciate. Far too many companies now-a-days don’t seem to care about customer support, which is a terrible thing.
Final impressions:
I mainly use this smartwatch as an actual watch and to get my notifications. I do use the timer on the watch and I like the graphical representation that it shows. I am not that active of a guy that really cares too much about the step counter or heart rate monitor, even though I have used them on occasion for fun. I don’t really use Alexa on the watch all that much since I already have an Echo that I use every day in my house. I never owned any other smartwatch or fitness wearable because I didn’t like how they looked. I wanted something that looks nice and would give me my phone notifications, which is good when the phone is muted or I am in a meeting. All the other features and apps are just a bonus for me. So I am really happy with this watch and its functionality.”

[By polohero on September 23, 2016 from Amazon Review]: I would recommend
“It’s great. Definitely recommend it. The Alexa integration is easy. Everything works great after a couple days of playing with it. It did take me a couple days figure out how to best set a couple of the settings for the most reliable Bluetooth tethering, but I think that’s common with new technology of just getting the settings right.”

[By Amazon customer on September 23, 2016 from Amazon Review]: Great watch , integrates with iPhone ,lots of features
“I have the watch for over a month now and I just love it.
It looks great it’s really simple to use and the software has great features.
Integrates really well with my iPhone and the watch OS updates occasionally bringing in new features.
I charge it at night and the battery lasts for a whole day easily.”

[By Graham Boston from Ireland on September 21, 2016 from Amazon Review]: Really nice smart watch !!
“Got my Co Watch on Indegogo, it’s an amazing looking watch, the build quality and overall size and shape is just perfect, supplied watch faces are awesome looking. Since launch there have been a number of updates which just keep improving the watches functionality, it’s great to see that the company want to keep improving the watch.
Watch works perfectly well with android. Notifications and communication with phone is excellent. I have a number of smart watches, this without doubt is one of my favourites. Keep up the good work !!.”

[By James and Lucy from USA on September 20, 2016 from Amazon Review]: Great start up and always adding new items
“We got 2 watches during the start up campaign and are more than pleased. One of the watches had a volume hardware issue and they replaced it on the very next batch. The watch is nicely put together and looks sharp. The cronologics team is doing a great job at steadily adding new software and updates. I would have given 5 stars but some of the things that were shown and ../demo.cssnstrated are not functional yet, like text (SMS) viewing and responding…… The Amazon Alexa (Echo) is a fantastic feature. Would definitely recommend.”

[By Amazon Customer from Germany on September 19, 2016 from Amazon Review]: The watch itself is very great and looks perfektly on my wrist
“The watch itself is very great and looks perfektly on my wrist. I have both the black and silver edition for different occasions. Unfortunately the Alexa-Support is not available in germany at this time. Also some bugs needs to be fixed. After that, the watch will receive 5 stars!”

[By Michael J Harmon from USA on September 19, 2016 from Amazon Review]: CoWatch is the Real Deal
“I am usually among the first to try out new gadgets. I find myself hoping my current gadget breaks or stops working to have a better excuse to buy the newest latest one. As an owner of the first Gen Moto 360 smartwatch I was very happy with its performance and not in the market for another smartwatch. Just hoping it would stop working so I could justify buying the second Gen Moto 360. Until I found the CoWatch on Indiegogo. I did the research, liked the new concept and decided to take a chance on a new company. That was in the spring of 2016 and I got the new watch in early summer. I of course kept my old Moto 360 expecting that there might be enough bugs in the new CoWatch that I would have to switch back. Boy, did I underestimate the quality and software of the new CoWatch. I put it on my wrist and have never considered going back to the old Moto 360 - first or second Gen. This company has continued to listen to feedback from owners and the software updates have been frequent, each time making improvements many of which were owner feedback suggestions. This watch is the real deal and so feature rich that you need to seriously consider CoWatch in the mix for any purchase decision. Oh, did I mention it also integrates with Amazon Echo… how cool is that!”

[By C. Stern from Israel on September 17, 2016 from Amazon review]: Great, stylish smartwatch.
“This is a great watch. The design is rugged, yet stylish at the same time. Changing the watch faces gives you the option to customize the design and change it up. The OS runs smoothly and we found it to be quite intuitive. We are very happy with this purchase!”

[By Rick M from USA on September 15, 2016 from Amazon Review]: Going Places 🙂
“I was a very early backer of the CoWatch on the crowd sourcing site I’ve had the pleasure of watching the progress on the CoWatch from the very beginning. The company bends over backwards to make sure it solves any issues that came up. While it’s still a WIP, the core functionality of being able to use Amazon Alexa (without having to own the Amazon Echo) works great for US customers. It will work outside of the US but requires a few tricks to get it to work for them. The info is available on the CoWatch website. Other features are still forthcoming (remember, this is just now getting ready to become publicly available), but I expect to see skyrockets go off as the watch matures. The build quality is superb, I’ve had many comments on how nice the watch works. As to the 1 and 2 star reviews, I suspect they didn’t try to contact customer support (some of the best customer support I’ve every run across) to help resolve their issues.
Is the CoWatch the best smartwatch out there? At the moment, no.
Will it become one of the best? I strongly believe it will. The portability of Amazon Alexa in itself makes the CoWatch a must have for the geek in us! I love being able to control my lights from my CoWatch while the Amazon Echo is downstairs and outside of voice range. :)”

[By Amazon Customer on September 17, 2016 from Amazon Review]: Solid choice
Loved the OS, much more intuitive than my Moto 360 Gen 2.
Cool watch, looks good and feels really well built.