Software Release Notes

CoWatch Software Release - September 16, 2016

Crono 1.1 (Watch OS Build 668, Companion App: iOS version 2.0.2 and Android version 1.0.119) is focused on feature and functionality enhancements for the CoWatch, as well as ongoing improvements and bug fixes. As part of our ongoing quest for perfection, we pay great attention to customer feedback. One of the most requested features was a speed-dial Container, which we are happy to include in the release. In addition, Crono 1.1 provides a beta integration with IFTTT, enabling you to connect your CoWatch with your everyday apps and devices, such as Philips Hue, Lifx, Facebook, Twitter, Slack, and many others.

New Feature Highlights

Speed Dial Container beta: Call your favorite people directly from the watch and keep your phone in your pocket.
a. On Android, your watch will automatically synchronize with your starred or favorite contacts so that you will be able to place a call to any one of them by tapping their contact photo. This may take a few minutes the first time. You can “Star” your contacts in your phone’s standard Contacts List app. (Note: Some phones require you to “Add to Favorites” instead of “Starring”)
b. On iPhone, you will need to manually choose favorite contacts by going to the settings screen on your CoWatch Companion application.
Note: You must have set up Bluetooth Internet Tethering (Hotspot) on your iPhone before using this feature. See the PAN section below for instructions on how to tether, if you did not do it when first setting up your watch.
c. As long as you are connected to your phone, you will be able to perform the call from your watch, acting as a handset. You may also take the call on your phone or on a another hands-free device by changing the “Audio Source” on your phone.
d. If you’d like to add the speed dial Container to your watchface for quick access, you can add it in place of any current Container by long-pressing the Container you want to replace and selecting the speed dial Container (phone icon) from the list.
We’d love to know what you think about this feature.
Alexa now captures your voice commands more quickly than before and has several other connection improvements.
Bluetooth internet connection tethering (PAN): To make it easier to use Alexa on the go, you can find a slate of PAN settings under your Internet connection setting menu in your Quick Launch shortcut. To access those:
a.  swipe up from the bottom of the watch screen to enter your Quick Launch, click on the globe icon to enter internet settings.
b. Under the Bluetooth icon, click the  button to enter your PAN settings.
c. There you can choose to enable PAN and share your phone’s internet connection via bluetooth (Note: Only certain phones and carriers support this feature). You can also choose to keep the connection on continuously for even faster  connection to features like Alexa.
A new flashlight Container allows you to use your watch as a bright light.
In addition to accessing Containers through the watchface, they are also available in your Container Drawer: Check them out by swiping up from the bottom of your watch screen and tapping the red & white icon. If you want to add any of those to your watchface for easier access, you can customize your Mode by:
a. On the watchface, press and hold the Container you want to change
b. A list of Containers will pop up.
c. Choose a new Container to replace the old one.
Scrollable notifications: A lot of you have asked to be able to read full notifications on your watch, so we made notifications scrollable. You can now scroll through the text of full-screen notifications on your watch to read more.
Improved notification response with Houndify (Android): Notifications you can respond to from your watch will now have red buttons indicating that you can use Houndify speech-to-text responses. Those notifications will not be removed until the houndify response is successful. Please note that this requires an internet connection through WiFi or PAN.

Setting up IFTTT

What else? Once you upgrade to Crono V1.1, you will be able to create a personalised user account, that will enable you to connect your CoWatch with services such as IFTTT (If This Then That) and additional services in the future. Our IFTTT integration, which is currently in preview mode, allows you to personally configure watch Containers to select to perform a virtually endless number of custom actions:  Turn your lights on or off at the tap of a finger, post a message on almost every social network, or ask your phone to ring with a quick finger swipe to help you realize that, as always, it is between the sofa cushions.
You can define up set up as many as five IFTTT button Containers in by adding them according to the steps detailed under  “How do I customize Containers”.
To learn more about IFTTT and how to create Recipes, visit To add the Cronologics Channel preview to your IFTTT account, click this invitation link. Then, for fresh ideas on what you can do with the Cronologics Channel on IFTTT, check out
Once you have added the Cronologics Channel to your IFTTT account, please follow the instructions detailed below to set up your IFTTT Containers:
a) Locate/add an IFTTT Container in your watchface.
b) Tap on the IFTTT Container. You will be asked to pick which corresponding Trigger (essentially a button press event) to associate with that Container.
c) On your phone, create a Cronologics username and password
d) Go to and sign in.
e) Activate the Cronologics IFTTT Channel ( by authorizing IFTTT to receive events from your CoWatch using your Cronologics username and password.
f) Create your Recipes. Some of our favorites are available at
If you have any questions about IFTTT, please visit

Known Issues:

Speed Dial contacts sync can take several minutes.
IFTTT container colors do not match properly in some watch faces.
Translations do not propagate correctly everywhere in the system when you change the language.
iOS 10 Companion app does not link directly to Bluetooth settings - you need to open BT settings on your iPhone manually.