• Stylish Smartwatch
  • Amazon Alexa Voice Integration
  • Watch-Centric UI
  • High-Performance Hardware
  • iPhone and Android Compatible
  • Stay Connected, Stay Fit

the world’s first smartwatch to integrate amazon alexa

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Speak, and your smart home will listen. CoWatch is the first smartwatch to integrate Alexa, Amazon’s cloud-based voice service. Ask for a traffic report, control connected devices, make a phone call to a friend, order a taxi to your home, pay your bills, and so much more – all with the power of your voice.

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an arsenal of apps at your fingertips

Voice recognition with Amazon Alexa. 9-Axis Activity Tracking. Smart Home interaction. SMS messaging. All from your wrist. CoWatch is packed with powerful apps created with your life in mind. And users can expect even more apps and updates soon, as well as opportunities for app developers to get involved to build a unique experience on every CoWatch.


Amazon’s cloud-based voice service. Ask and you shall receive.

Smart Home Integration

Dim your lights, turn up the heat, and live in harmony with your smart home.


Using a nine-axis accelerometer, digital compass and gyroscope, keep track of your every move.

Heart Rate

Never miss a beat. Monitor your heart rate with total precision.

Email and SMS

Connect with those you care about most and quickly respond to messages with ease.


Connect with your favourite streaming platform and play your favourite song on repeat.


Dress accordingly.


Tell time and keep time with the built in stopwatch.


Wake up with CoWatch.

the lowdown

With a design philosophy that marries style with accessibility, CoWatch packs next-level features, while being one of the most affordable smartwatches on the market. As the world’s first smartwatch to integrate Alexa, Amazon’s advanced voice-recognition software, CoWatch is your perfect companion into the future.

Intelligent Voice Interaction with Amazon Alexa

The world’s first smartwatch integrating Amazon’s cloud-based voice recognition software. Speak, and CoWatch will listen.

Style Meets Substance

Fracture-resistant stainless steel & zirconia composite ceramic body, available in either Carbon Black or Mineral Silver.

Brand New Cronologics OS

Next generation OS from veterans at Google and Android, built exclusively for smartwatches.

Stay in Touch

iOS or Android? No problem. Quick reply to texts and emails, screen calls, and choose music from your favourite streaming service.

High-Resolution Touch Screen

Customize your watchface to fit your mood, with a Super AMOLED High-Res Display at 400×400 pixel and 286PPI.

Activity Tracking

Friends keep friends active. Built in 9-axis Gyrometer, Accelerometer, Magnetometer, plus Heart Rate Sensor and Vibro Motor.

Flawless ID, Built to Last

Industry leading internal processing capability (1.2GHz), with 1GB RAM + 8GB Flash Memory and water resistance.

Pull the Plug

Up to 32 hours of battery life in an always-on mode, with a high-quality magnetic charging cradle.


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