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CoWatch: Experiencing A Smart Life

Combining Functions and Styles

an arsenal of apps at your fingertips

CoWatch is packed with powerful apps created with a smart life in mind.
Learn more about CoWatch apps by mousing over icons below.


Amazon’s cloud-based voice service. Ask and you shall receive.

Step Counter

Keep tracking your steps and daily goals.

Speed Dial

Call your favorite people directly from the watch and keep your phone in your pocket


Connect with your favourite streaming platform and play your favourite song on repeat.

Heart Rate

Never miss a beat. Monitor your heart rate with total precision.

IFTTT Integration

Turn your lights on or off, post a social media message, find your phone and endless actions by just your finger tips


Dress accordingly.


Sync the calendar with your phone and never miss a meeting or appointment


Set a time and make a perfect Sunny-side Up egg, or set a time and never miss a parking meter

Stop Watch

Time your excise and keep up


Need to find the key hole when coming back late, use the flash light


Wake up with CoWatch.


and the media…